This is who we are

This Is Who We Are

Create 13 BA (Hons) Fine Arts Graduate Exhibition


Graduates of BA (Hons) Fine Arts at York St John University explore art in all its dimensions and across wide-ranging contexts. The works on the show are as eclectic as the artists, who described themselves as “awkward, beautifully odd, temporal, financially screwed, eclectic, defensive, filthy, improvisative, creative.”


 ‘This Is Who We Are’ is the culmination of a 3- year journey into education on both academic and personal level and represents the self as social and personal experience: the body’s journey through time and space, whether physical, historical, constructed, embodied or imagined.


“We are the future cultural leaders, Turner Prize winners, Biennial-exhibitors, the eccentrics… We are young artists bursting onto the scene and making our own scene in the historic setting of York.


We are the York St John Degree Show 2013.” 


Title: Create 13 BA (Hons) Fine Arts Graduate Exhibition: This Is Who We Are

Venues: Art Block at York St John University and The New School House Gallery (Peasholme Green, York)

Preview: 17 May 2013, 6-9 pm (both venues)

Opening times:

18 May – 1 June, Tue – Sat: 10-5 pm, Sun: 12-4 pm (both venues)