This piece revolves around a photograph that I took whilst drifting around York. I found three burnt out bags hanging on a metal fence, in the middle of nowhere. The subject matter of this piece is ‘everyday’, but this is not something you see every day in this context.

Some people say they carry their lives around in their handbags: there is a lot of emotion attached to the feeling of being lost, alone and the unknown. People create their own dialogue. Someone might know they are missing. Someone may not have realised they are missing yet. What is in them? Who put them there? Questions that cannot be answered. They’re not hidden, but do they want to be found? What are they saying? People put up ‘lost’ posters when they lose family pets or a favorite piece of jewelry. I have never seen a ‘missing’ poster for a handbag. And yet it is one of our most personal belongings. We are lost without them and their contents.Three ‘missing’ bags, that I stumbled across whilst going about the streets of York looking for lost objects, were the basis for ‘Lost’. 

Missing Poster

All of these were exhibited ‘outside the white cube’ – taking away those stereotypical gallery appearances.

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