Colour wash

imagePaintings not so bad when you’re outside in the garden and the sun is shining. Put a new thin wash over nearly all of my boards today…

Dipping, painting, more sanding

imageThe blocks that I joined together have taken on a new level. I wanted to have some bold strips of colour on some of the blocks so I mixed the colour and dipped the whole thing in the paint. It worked well – apart from when it had dried it all cracked because the paint was really thick, perhaps I’ll sand it off and do it again but a bit thinner.


After my bit of a crisis yesterday, I set about spending the whole day working on my paintings. I wanted to join some of them together, but before I did that – I wrote things in between them…things such as what my work is all about, how I’m feeling as I’m making the work and how it makes me feel. This was a really important exercise for me to do – even though the viewer will be unaware of any of the writing because its covered over, it helped me a lot in getting it straight in my head what I’m doing, what its about and where its going.

The photographs below show what the boards looked like before I attached them, what was in between each of the layers. 

ninesixone sixtwo

Hanging my work

I think I hit crisis point this afternoon. Luckily, one of my tutors was there to guide me in the right direction. 


Up until now I have not seen my work properly on the wall, so this was really beneficial to me – It made me see my work in a new light and I am definitely going to connect some of my boards together to make more substancial blocks, giving the overall work much more depths.


The board that I have been putting my paintings on hasn’t been as thick as the board that I originally had.

So I am now thinking about attaching some of them together to give more depth? 




Todays achievements.


I seem to have lost my motivation a bit at the moment. I don’t quite know where its gone to but I do hope it comes back very soon as create’13 is looming in the not so distant future! Help!


I haven’t blogged for a long time! Been so busy with all my work, plus my part time job, plus getting an awful virus. Anyway – all that aside…This is what I have been doing today, I got a friend to take loads of photos of me moving, and I’ve stuck them all onto boards.


Now. Time to go start painting!

Introducing Boards. Continued…

I just love how much each individual painting has been transformed by the adding of a wooden board behind it. 

Tonight I have continued to experiment with my painting onto photographs, but also I have had a go at painting straight onto the wood…which was harder than I originally thought it was going to be – but I will continue to try this.


Introducing Boards

Up until now I have just being paining onto paper, and it came about in the last crit that they needed to be more to look at…

So I took some scraps of wood – printed off some photos and had a go at painting onto the photographs that were on the boards – It was amazing! The change that the board made was crazy…It totally changed them into something completely different and almost sculptural. 


The image below shows the finished products of the images on the boards…


Create ’13 – Opening very soon!

This Is Who We Are

Create ’13

BA (Hons) Fine Arts Graduate Exhibition

Graduates of BA (Hons) Fine Arts at York St John University explore art in all its dimensions and across wide-ranging contexts. The works on the show are as eclectic as the artists who described themselves as ‘awkward, beautifully odd, temporal, financially screwed, eclectic, defensive, filthy, improvisative, creative.’

This Is Who We Are is the culmination of a 3-year academic, artistic and personal journey and represents the self as social and personal experience: the body’s journey through time and space, whether physical, historical, constructed, embodied or imagined.

We are the future cultural leaders, Turner Prize winners, Biennial-exhibitors, the eccentrics … We are young artists making our own scene in the historic setting of York.

We are the York St John Degree Show 2013.

Venues: Art Block at York St John University and The New School House Gallery (Peasholme Green, York, YO1 7PW)

Preview: 17 May 2013, 6-9 pm (both venues)

Opening times: 18 May – 1 June, Tue – Sat: 10-5 pm, Sun: 12-4 pm (both venues)

Crit Time

Crit Number One

Crit Number One

Crit number one : It was all about getting to hear what the others thought of my work so far…

I didn’t really know how to display the work, and so went for masking tape (it worked fine as it was just the first crit)

I now know I NEED TO MAKE MORE & keep the style of my painting up. 

Work in progress – week 2 into the project

I love exploring different mediums within my art, so I have now moved on to painting. Over the last couple of weeks I have been experimenting using different paints over the top of photographs and how the paint reacts on different surfaces.

Sanding, scratching, thin paint, thick paint.