Missing Posters

Time//Space//Place was an exhibition held in various locations around the city of York. It was to give up the idealised notion that ‘art lives within art galleries’.


“Let us then tow to pieces whilst still chasing thee, through tied to thee, thou damned white walls” – ‘Moby Dick’, Herman Melville.


The aim was to bring the hunt and the chase to identify ‘art’ outside of the safety net of the white gallery walls. There was a hub in the city centre where people could collect information about where and how to access the art that was out in the city somewhere. We wanted to encourage members of the public who wouldn’t usually step inside an art gallery, to join us in the quest to find the art in its many forms around the city.


Who says art only exists within a haven of legendary white walls?

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[51 Goodramgate, York]


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